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A long established and proven track record make choosing Edgedata the right choice.

"Whatever your computing requirements we guarantee that Edgedata can provide confidential and accurate assistance. From software to hardware, from upgrades to training..... we're here to help you."
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A brief history of the Company.

Edgedata was established and started trading in January 1989.

The company was initially formed to fill an ever increasing gap in the market of computer consultancy. There was, and still is, a large number of small companies who have already purchased computer hardware only to find it sitting on the corner of the desk collecting dust, as nobody knows how to fully exploit the potential of their computer.

The problems with computers don't end here however. There is an abundance of middle to large sized companies who already use computer systems but, because of lack of training, are not reaping the full benefits of modern computer software. It soon became apparent to us that a lot of companies had been mislead down the path of purchasing software which did not fore fill the task that it was intended for. Many companies had bought 'off the shelf' software, which was of little use to them. It was then decided that Edgedata should not only provide consultancy services but also a specialised bespoke software service. Whereby, if during our consultations, we cannot find a program that adequately handles your requirements then Edgedata will spend time completely analysing your specific business needs and write a program to exactly your own requirements.

Edgedata has, over the last seventeen years, amassed a considerable amount of knowledge in a wide range of professions. We have supplied consultancy services and bespoke software to such diverse businesses ranging from a Motor trader to a large pea vining operation and from a small bakery to a national property management company.

Edgedata is not tied to any particular manufacturer or brand of hardware. Therefore when we recommend any form of computer equipment you can be assured that we have your best business interests in mind. As part of our single source supply philosophy we will of course be happy to quote for hardware and 'off the shelf' software if required.

Edgedata has expanded its range of service over the last 30+ year to cater for the ever changing Information Technology market place.

For a list of services currently offered please take a look at the Services page.

In particular our customers are now asking about the benefits and uses of the Internet within their business. Edgedata are happy to discuss your requirements for both email solutions and website design and publishing. Please take a look a our Portfolio Page for websites we have recently worked on.