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Computer Services

Below is a summary list of some of the computer services we currently offer to UK based businesses. If it is Information Technology related but you do not see what you are looking for please email us as we can probably still help.

New and used computer systems, peripherals and components

At Edgedata we have an ever changing supply of both new computers, peripherals and components, and also quality assured refurbished and warranted second user equipment.

As stock changes so quickly, it is not feasible to list all our stock on this web site but please give use a call on 01673 849039 because if we haven't got what you want we can usually source and supply within a couple of working days.

Quality Business class computers

Edgedata can supply quality machines in house for every users requirements. When we specify a machine we always carefully identify your exact requirements for a computer. Our first question is never "how much money do you want to spend". We would rather turn down a sale then sell you something that is not going to be suitable for your needs.

Give us a call on 07900 330 330 for a quotation.

Custom designed and built PC's and Servers

At Edgedata we have full electronic workshop facilities to build custom built personal computers and servers.

By building a PC to order you can be assured that you will get a computer that exactly meets your current and future requirements rather than a general purpose off the shelf system. This can also be a very cost effective way to specify a new computer as we can build system for all budgets and requirements.

Give us a call on 01673 849039 for more details.

Custom designed and built PC's and Servers

At Edgedata we specialise in supplying Intel Certified network servers. We are A+ certified for network installations and we hold Microsoft Certified System Engineer qualifications for Windows NT, Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server platforms.

Servers can be configured to your exact requirements and commissioned onsite. A server is a vital piece of equipment in most companies and you should only ever trust the supply and maintenance of Server Technologies to experts.

Edgedata have the required experience and qualification to meet all your networking requirements.

Give us a call on 01673 849039 to discuss your requirements.

Custom designed and built PC's and Servers

At Edgedata we have many year of experience in writing bespoke applications for a wide range of businesses. If during our consultations we are unable to locate a suitable off-the-shelf package to meet your needs, we can fully analyse your requirements for software and provide a bespoke application to your own specification. We back up this service by also supplying support and maintenance for the future. All at surprisingly affordable prices.

Give us a call on 01673 849039 to discuss your requirements.

Custom designed and built PC's and Servers

We realise it is impossible to stock and even supply every possible piece of software and hardware and it is also impossible to be an expert in every field. With this in mind we offer a full buying advisory service were we can fully research equipment and service on your behalf. We can then make a presentation to you based on our findings, giving you a much more informed position when buying unfamiliar services and equipment. Should the project require it, we have a huge resource for external specialists from approved third party companies.

Call us for more details on 01673 849039.

Network and cable installation
Patch panel before update Before
Patch panel after rewire After

A Network is only as good as the cabling infrastructure it is based on. Edgedata can specify, recommend, install and maintain your network cabling.

We can provide cabling solutions to network your existing equipment or full building installation in your new office. From two to two hundred PC's / servers we can supply robust and tested industry standard cabling for base 10/100/1000 Mbit networks. We are also experts in Wireless networking and WAN connections.

Edgedata can advise and install Category 5 and 6 cabling system for both your I. T. network and Telephone systems. We can provide full integrated systems to cater for all your voice and data applications.

Installation and terminating of patch panels and equipment cabinets of all sizes

Call us for more details on 01673 849039.

Off-the-shelf software at competitive prices

Edgedata are resellers for many popular software companies and can offer very competitive prices for most off-the-shelf packages currently available. And remember, we are also here to help install and configure the software if required.

Software from companies such as: Microsoft, Sage, Apple, Adobe, Symantec, AVG to mention just a few.

Call us on 01673 849039 to discuss your requirements.

Consumables for most types of printers and office machines

We carry a huge number of genuine and compatible consumables for all types of printers and fax machines from manufacturers such as Epson, HP, Canon, Lexmark, Oki, Panasonic, Zebra to mention a few.

Call us today on 01673 849039 to order your consumables.